Apple 27-inch iMac (Front) by John Dunne.

5 things I like about my new iMac

So today I am publishing the final post in my four part discussion on my recent purchase of an Apple mid-2011 iMac. So far I have stepped you through the reasons behind my decision to move from a MacPro to an iMac an unboxing fest along with a round of speed tests and the last post covered off a number of the things I disliked about the iMac. Today, by way of balancing that last post I will discuss a number of things I really like about my new iMac.

Apple MacPro Review

Like many people I have been considering the jump from Windows to Mac for some time, actually about 3 years. And just like many of those people I said no, I just couldn’t afford to move away from Windows and lose out on so many applications that weren’t supported under OSX. When I say applications…