A Floral Image | Signs of Life

Spring is here! While I love what every season brings, Spring offers something truly special. This image above captures the very essence of that new life for me. The bud of a new flower literally bursting from the ground. The dead brown leaves surrounding the vibrant pink flower stem acting as a classic juxtaposition – winter/death vs spring/life.

A Floral Image | Grace

February, yup February is when I took this image. I actually shared an image I took of this Rhododendron back in April but had this version siting in my Aperture Library waiting for some love and attention. Well I made sure it got that today and wanted to share the final result with you. There is something quite special about a pure white flower; the delicacy and amazing texture of the petals. I hope you enjoy.

A Floral Image | Lavender Tips

A Floral Image | I had a chance to visit our local Botanical Gardens here in Dublin and, as many of you will know this is one of my favourite places to visit in Dublin. This flower, known as a Asteraceae Dahlia ‘Ferncliff’ Decorative has a very large head and the space was densely populated. What drew me however was the tips and how the lavender transitioned into the white of the rest of the petal. I decided I’d break out the 100mm Macro Lens and focus on that detail, working very closely to the flower head and drawing out the detail, form and texture I was trying to convey in this image. I think it worked but I’ll let you be the judge.