Description : A dark and moody Black & White rendition of the very famous large pinnacle of rock known as Old Man of Storr it the incredibly picturesque Isle of Skye in Scotland.

Where : Isle of Skye, Scotland

When : Sep 22nd, 2015

© John Dunne 2020, all rights reserved


Please note Gallery & Master Framed Prints are special order, please contact me to discuss your needs.



The final printed image is the culmination of my journey in creating a piece of artwork that represents my view of the world around me. I take a great deal of pride in every print I produce; I want you to be equally happy.

I take great care in producing your print. From paper, printer and ink selection, to the matting and framing materials, everything is done with the sole purpose of ensuring my artwork is displayed at its best. Every component used has been carefully selected for its archival qualities to ensure maximum print longevity. Every Fine Art Giclée print is personally inspected and signed by me. I also personally matte and frame every single print and only when I am 100% satisfied do I carefully package it and ship it to you.

I have created a dedicated page that covers every facet of how I produce my prints, how they are matted and framed; right down to the care I take in packaging and shipping the final piece to you.

Yes; I am obsessive about the quality of the final piece that arrives in the hands of my customers. Call me crazy but your satisfaction is really important.

  1. 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee: All artwork purchases are covered under my 100%, “take 90 Days to decide” money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase you can return it in new condition for a credit, refund or exchange for up to 90 Days. Some limitations apply, essentially to prevent internet fraud which, unfortunately, does happen. See the section on Returns below for details. Please note this refund does not include the cost of shipping.
  2. Replacement Guarantee: I ship a great many Prints each year without problems. I will replace at no charge any Print damaged in transit. No questions asked, just return the artwork to me and I will ship you a new piece right away.
  3. Lifetime Fade Free Warranty: My museum-grade Prints, using archival paper and inks, are expected to last at least a century. All artwork comes with my exclusive Fade Free Warranty designed to protect your investment: if your artwork was to fade I will replace it at no charge for as long as you own it. No questions asked, just return the artwork to me and I will ship you a new piece right away. Lifetime
  4. Framing Warranty: If you purchased your artwork framed from me, and if your framed artwork was to get damaged because of my framing, I will reframe it or replace it at no charge. Sometimes the materials used by framers such as tape, matboard, backing board, etc, can damage your artwork. To prevent this I use only the finest archival materials, and I guarantee that my framing will not damage your artwork in any way. However, if for some reason something was ever to happen, you are 100% covered. This warranty applies to each and every piece I Frame and Matte for you. My unique John Dunne Photography Seal of Authenticity, which is placed on the back of every piece Framed or Matted by me, must be present on your piece for this warranty to be honoured. This warranty does not apply to pieces which are not framed by me.

I offer 5 print sizes, namely Companion, Artist, Studio, Gallery and Master. You have the option of purchasing just the print, or you can let me look after everything for you including the framing of the print so that it’s ready to hang on your wall.

In the table below I detail both the print and the matte dimensions for each size. The print size is shown using the longest edge for guidance.


$38 / £29
  • Print Size
  • Framed Print
    $82 / £63


$60 / £46
  • Print Size
  • Framed Print
    $125 / £97


$109 / £84
  • Print Size
  • Framed Print
    $180 / £139


$229 / £176
  • Print Size
  • Framed Print
    $392 / £302


$322 / £248
  • Print Size
  • Framed Print
    $545 / £420
Gallery & Master Framed Prints are special order. Please contact me to discuss your needs.

Need assistance choosing the right image to compliment your home or office décor? Looking for a little more background information on an image? No problem, I’m here to help. Please don’t hesitate in contacting me and I can find the perfect solution to meet your specific needs.



Hi John, I felt compelled to send you this note! Six months later I still find myself getting lost within the image, which hangs in my study over my computer. I find it incredibly relaxing just leaning back in my chair and staring in to that enchanting landscape.

Jack BrownNew York, US