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Description : A warm sunrise on Rat Island in Charleston County, looking out to Morris Island Lighthouse with storm clouds passing overhead.

Where : Charleston County, South Carolina, United States

When : Jul 12th, 2014

Description : Sunrise at the beautiful old Folly Beach Fishing Pier in Charleston County, South Carolina, United States, as the Atlantic Ocean gently roles in.

Where : Charleston County, South Carolina, United States

When : Jul 11th, 2014

Description : Rain threatens as storm clouds gather over what remains of the once mighty Dunluc Castle on the Causeway Coast in Northen Ireland

Where : Antrim, Northern Ireland

When : Jun 9th, 2014

Description : The sun sets over the peaceful Ballintoy Harbour situated along the Causeway Coastal route in Northern Ireland.

Where : Antrim, Northern Ireland

When : Jun 7th, 2014

Description : As storm clouds move in overhead an natural outcroping of rocks offer some protection, as the Chimney Stacks of Poolbeg Generating Station look on impassively.

Where : Dublin, Ireland

When : Apr 5th, 2014

Description : The old rusted railings and ladder at Malahide, leading into a queit sea with a clear blue sky overhead and Ireland’s Eye off in the distance.

Where : Malahide, Dublin, Ireland

When : Apr 19th, 2014

Description : The ancient ruins of the medieval Corfe Castle sits atop the Purbeck Hills as the afternoon settles into to dusk.

Where : Warehame, Dorset, UK

When : Oct 4th, 2013

Description : From a high vantage point overlooking Lulworth Cove, the Dorset coastline and the English Chanel spread out beneath a cloud covered sky.

Where : Lulworth Cove, Dorset, UK

When : Oct 7th, 2013

Description : Dalkey Island Lighthouse stands isolated in the sea waiting to provide its guiding light to passing ships.

Where : Dalkey, Dublin, Ireland

When : Mar 22nd, 2014

Description : The freshly painted handrail at Seapoint near Dún Laoghaire reach out into a calm sea as storm clouds roll in overhead.

Where : Seapoint, Dublin, Ireland

When : Mar 22nd, 2014

Description : In the dying light of the day the clouds rush above the remains of an old jetty reaching out into the sea.

Where : Nailor’s Cove, Bray, Co. Wicklow

When : Mar 9th, 2014

Description : A brand new day starts with the sun spreading its gentle light across Old Harry’s Rocks on the Dorset Coastline.

Where : Isle of Purbeck, Dorset, UK

When : Oct 6th, 2013