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Description : High winds whip up the North Atlantic Ocean as dark rain clouds descend during this sunset scene at Balintoy Harbour on the Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland.

Where : Antrim, Northern Ireland

When : Jan 9th, 2017

Description : The old Ballycurrin Lighthouse sits on Lough Corrib in Galway during a very calm sunset, in this black and white photograph.

Where : Galway, Ireland

When : Oct 31st, 2015

Description : Dark clouds sweep overhead, as the viewer stands looking up at the standing rock at Kinbane Castle on the Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland in the Black and White Photograph.

Where : Antrim, Northern Ireland

When : Feb 27th, 2016

Description : A black and white photograph of Hook Lighthouse in Wexford Ireland, standing firm above turbulent seas.

Where : Wexford, Ireland

When : May 28th, 2017

Description : The sea crashes against the rugged rocks of Hook Head in Wexford, Ireland in this Long Exposure Black and White Photograph

Where : Wexford, Ireland

When : May 27th, 2017

Description : Looking up from the beach in Ayr this is the 15th century Dovecot of Denure Castle,

Where : Ayr, Scotland

When : Sep 20th, 2015

Description : In this Long Exposure ,Black & White photograph of Burke’s Island off the coast of Waterford at Kilfarressy Cove, the clouds sweep overhead casting pools of light upon the sea.

Where : Waterford, Ireland

When : Sep 18th, 2016

Description : Standing on the beach at Elgol looking out to the majestic peaks of the Cuillin Hills in the Isle of Skye in Scotland

Where : Isle of Skye, Scotland

When : Sep 23rd, 2015

Description : The sun sets over the Atlantic at Bunvalla, Kerry while storm winds trash the sea against the coast.

Where : Kerry, Ireland

When : Oct 19th, 2016

Description : Stormy skies pass overhead while the Northern Atlantic Ocean is whipped up on the unique hexagonal basalt columns of the Giants Causeway in Antrim, Northern Ireland, in this Long Exposure Black and White Photograph

Where : Antrim, Northern Ireland

When : Feb 26th, 2016

Description : The rising sun casts its warm light to highlight the steam fog rising off the perfectly still Upper Lake at Glendalough in Wicklow.

Where : Wicklow, Ireland

When : Aug 16th, 2016

Description : A lone, winter bare, tree sits on the very edge of Lough Acoose near the Killarney National Park in Kerry, Ireland.

Where : Kerry, Ireland

When : Dec 29th, 2014