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Description : The wild Atlantic sea crashes against the cliffs of Doagh on the coast of Donegal, Ireland during the 2016 Storm Jake.

Where : Donegal, Ireland

When : Mar 1st, 2016

Description : The beautiful Torc Waterfall cascades down through the forest in the idilic Killarney National Park in Kerry in this Black and White image.

Where : Kerry, Ireland

When : Dec 29th, 2014

Description : The famous Glasshouses of the Botanic Gardens in Dublin

Where : Dublin, Ireland

When : Aug 16th, 2015

Description : The ancient ruins of the medieval Corfe Castle sits atop the Purbeck Hills as the afternoon settles into to dusk.

Where : Warehame, Dorset, UK

When : Oct 4th, 2013

Description : Dalkey Island Lighthouse stands isolated in the sea waiting to provide its guiding light to passing ships.

Where : Dalkey, Dublin, Ireland

When : Mar 22nd, 2014

Description : The freshly painted handrail at Seapoint near Dún Laoghaire reach out into a calm sea as storm clouds roll in overhead.

Where : Seapoint, Dublin, Ireland

When : Mar 22nd, 2014

Description : As the sun shines through the trees above and paints the rocks with its dabbled light, the water cascades through small falls at Powerscourt Waterfall in Wicklow

Where : Powerscourt , Wicklow, Ireland

When : Jun 9th, 2013

Description : The rock formations at Greystones jut out in to the Irish Sea as the clouds sweep in overhead.

Where : Greystones, Wicklow, Ireland

When : Jun 1st, 2013

Description : The tide rises quickly upon Kinnegoe Bay in Donegal as a lonely sentinel stands vigilant in its unending watch.

Where : Kinnegoe Bay, Donegal, Ireland

When : Apr 14th, 2013

Description : Crepuscular rays peak from Stratocumulus cloud upon lush green farmland in the heart of Donegal, Ireland

Where : Grianan of Aileach, Donegal, Ireland

When : Apr 12th, 2013

Description : Small rivulets of seawater slowly make their way through the golden sands of Pollan Beach in Donegal, back to the sea.

Where : Pollan Bay, Donegal, Ireland

When : Apr 13th, 2013

Description : The sun sets upon another day at Enniscrone Golf Course in Sligo, the Club House in the background and a still river in the foreground reflecting the magenta tinged clouds above.

Where : Enniscrone, Sligo, Ireland

When : Jun 5th, 2012