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Description : The old Ballycurrin Lighthouse sits on Lough Corrib in Galway during a very calm sunset, in this black and white photograph.

Where : Galway, Ireland

When : Oct 31st, 2015

Description : Dark clouds sweep overhead, as the viewer stands looking up at the standing rock at Kinbane Castle on the Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland in the Black and White Photograph.

Where : Antrim, Northern Ireland

When : Feb 27th, 2016

Description : A black and white photograph of Hook Lighthouse in Wexford Ireland, standing firm above turbulent seas.

Where : Wexford, Ireland

When : May 28th, 2017

Description : The sun sets upon the rugged cliffs of the UNESCO Global Geopark – Copper Coast in Waterford, Ireland.

Where : Waterford, Ireland

When : Mar 1st, 2015

Description : The last light of the sun peaks from beneath the clouds to cast its warm light Atlantic Ocean at Murder Hole Beach on the Rosguill peninsula of Donegal, Ireland

Where : Donegal, Ireland

When : Jun 1st, 2017

Description : Looking up from the beach in Ayr this is the 15th century Dovecot of Denure Castle,

Where : Ayr, Scotland

When : Sep 20th, 2015

Description : A gentle sunrise of  pastel colours at Benvoy Cove on the UNESCO Global Geopark of Copper Coast in Waterford, Ireland

Where : Waterford, Ireland

When : Apr 20th, 2016

Description : The sun sets behind the hills of wild Donegal, a small white cottage sits at their foothills before a shallow, quiet river.

Where : Donegal, Ireland

When : Mar 2nd, 2016

Description : Bidean Nam Bian,  highest point in the former county of Argyll stands tall while in the foreground the River Coe rushes past in this photograph from Glencoe, Scotland.

Where : Glencoe, Scotland

When : Sep 26th, 2015

Description : A Cargo Ship departs Wicklow Port out in to the Irish Sea, as clouds gather ominously above, and foreground rocks are endlessly washed by the ebb and flow of the sea .

Where : Wicklow, Ireland

When : Oct 18th, 2015

Description : A warm sunrise on Rat Island in Charleston County, looking out to Morris Island Lighthouse with storm clouds passing overhead.

Where : Charleston County, South Carolina, United States

When : Jul 12th, 2014

Description : The sun sets over the Atlantic at Bunvalla, Kerry while storm winds trash the sea against the coast.

Where : Kerry, Ireland

When : Oct 19th, 2016