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Description : The sun sets behind the hills of wild Donegal, a small white cottage sits at their foothills before a shallow, quiet river.

Where : Donegal, Ireland

When : Mar 2nd, 2016

Description : Bidean Nam Bian,  highest point in the former county of Argyll stands tall while in the foreground the River Coe rushes past in this photograph from Glencoe, Scotland.

Where : Glencoe, Scotland

When : Sep 26th, 2015

Description : Standing near Torrin on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, looking across the water to the foreboding Clach Glas of the Cuillin Mountains

Where : Isle of Skye, Scotland

When : Sep 23rd, 2015

Description : A view across Derryclare Lough, from Pine Island, to The Twelve Pins in Galway; with Bencorr standing prominent.

Where : Galway, Ireland

When : Jun 8th, 2016

Description : The sun sets behind Carrauntoohil mountains while the fishermans platform appears to float on the calm Lough Caragh.

Where : Kerry, Ireland

When : Dec 29th, 2014

Description : Heavy rain and high winds move over Tawnyard Lough in County Mayo, Ireland

Where : Mayo, Ireland

When : Dec 16th, 2015

Description : Clouds move swiftly above the mountains around Loch Lomond, as the lake by Millarochy Bay lies still.

Where : Millarochy Bay, Scotland, UK

When : Sep 26th, 2015

Description : The sun begins to set on the Upper Lake, casting its soft glow upon the snow covered tops of Kerry’s rugged mountain peaks, while a lone tree stands bent but strong against the elements.

Where : Kerry, Ireland

When : Dec 29th, 2014

Description : A panoramic black and white photograph of the rugged cliffs of dorset with lush fields and an expanse of sea in the foreground with clouds sweeping overhead.

Where : Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset, UK

When : Oct 6th, 2013

Description : Just after dawn heavy clouds move in above the cliffs of Donegal near Portsalon as the viewer looks out to see to watch the tide come in.

Where : Portsalon, Donegal, Ireland

When : Sep 24th, 2011

Description : Crepuscular rays peak from Stratocumulus cloud upon lush green farmland in the heart of Donegal, Ireland

Where : Grianan of Aileach, Donegal, Ireland

When : Apr 12th, 2013

Description : A Black and White Panoramic image of the Dublin Mountains which includes the Hell Fire Club on Montpelier Hill.

Where : Dublin Mountains, Ireland

When : Mar 19th, 2012