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Description : A  tree stands alone in a sea of scrubby grass upon the banks of the Killarney’s Upper Lake in Kerry, Ireland in this Black and White image.

Where : Killarney, Kerry, Ireland

When : Dec 30th, 2014

Description : A black and white image of ivy winding it’s way around the trunk of a tree in Deer Park in Dublin.

Where : Dublin, Ireland

When : Jun 17th, 2013

Description : A view of a small waterfall running through Cloghleagh Wood where the vantage point is mere inches above the water.

Where : Cloghleagh, Wicklow, Ireland

When : May 25th, 2013

Description : An ancient Oak silently holds audience deep in the forest surrounded by his younger saplings

Where : Massy’s Wood, Dublin, Ireland

When : Mar 16th, 2013

Description : Black & White image of a snowy scene in a wooded park with the morning sun rising.

Where : Deer Park, Dublin, Ireland

When : Dec 3rd, 2010

Description : A bubbling brooke deep in the woods of the Dublin Montains in Ireland surrounded by moss covered rocks, the hazy light from the setting sun spills through the trees in the background.

Where : Dublin Mountains, Ireland

When : Jul 13th, 2008

Description : Sunrise in Phoenix Park, Dublin, Ireland with a tree stump in the forground and tress and fields in the background.

Where : Phoenix Park, Dublin, Ireland

When : Mar 27th, 2010