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Description : The rising sun casts its warm light to highlight the steam fog rising off the perfectly still Upper Lake at Glendalough in Wicklow.

Where : Wicklow, Ireland

When : Aug 16th, 2016

Description : The beautiful Torc Waterfall cascades down through the forest in the idilic Killarney National Park in Kerry in this Black and White image.

Where : Kerry, Ireland

When : Dec 29th, 2014

Description : In the early morning light a gentle sea mist roles in obscuring Burke’s Island from view, on Kilfarressy Cove on the Copper Coast of Waterford in Ireland

Where : Waterford, Ireland

When : Oct 10th, 2014

Description : The sun falls behind Sheep Island on the Copper Coast in Waterford and casts its warm glow across Caher Cove.

Where : Waterford, Ireland

When : Mar 4th, 2015

Description : Clouds move swiftly above the mountains around Loch Lomond, as the lake by Millarochy Bay lies still.

Where : Millarochy Bay, Scotland, UK

When : Sep 26th, 2015

Description : Mussenden Temple stands brooding looking out from the edge of the cliff as the viewer stands on Downhill beach looking up towards it.

Where : Downhil, Derry, Northern Ireland

When : Sep 22nd, 2014

Description : The sun rises over Ballydwan along the UNESCO Global Geopark Copper Coast in Waterford, Ireland, to paint the ancient Sea Stacks with it’s warm glow.

Where : Waterford, Ireland

When : Oct 11th, 2014

Description : The last of the suns golden light paints the sky behind Hook Lighthouse in Wexford, Ireland, as it lights safe passage for passing ships.

Where : Hook Head, Wexford, Ireland

When : Oct 12th, 2014

Description : Rain threatens as storm clouds gather over what remains of the once mighty Dunluc Castle on the Causeway Coast in Northen Ireland

Where : Antrim, Northern Ireland

When : Jun 9th, 2014

Description : The Sun begins to set, casting its soft light upon the 1900’s tower and bridge at Vartry Reservoir in Wicklow, Ireland as dark ominious storm clouds move in overhead

Where : Roundwood Lakes, Wicklow, Ireland

When : Aug 17th, 2014

Description : A brand new day starts with the sun spreading its gentle light across Old Harry’s Rocks on the Dorset Coastline.

Where : Isle of Purbeck, Dorset, UK

When : Oct 6th, 2013

Description : A tranquil image taken just after a thunderstorm where the clouds are perfectly mirrored in the calmness of Dublin bay, with the chimney stacks of Poolbeg Generating Station in the background.

Where : Blackrock, Dublin, Ireland

When : Jul 25th, 2013